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We offer high quality service in the field of electronics repairs, especially laptops, tablets, LCD monitors, mobile phones and printers. We also perform rescue and recovery of damaged data and virus removal.
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Nowadays, people cannot imagine life without using high-tech technologies that surround us literally everywhere. These are primarily computers that allow us not only to communicate with our friends, download interesting movies or find important information, they are also the main working tool for a large number of us. We also cannot forget about smart phones and tablets that offer us almost the same as laptops and computers, but they are much smaller. Unfortunately, even high quality technologies may fail. At the moment of the failure of these devices, we are often "paralysed" because lot of us use technology to work. We can not access the required information stored on these devices and therefore it is not possible to continue working. But do no worry, the experts from our service center can help you, they know everything about computers. In their skillful hands, any technique is capable of gaining a second life.

Our service center experts know how much trouble can be caused by a sudden computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone failure. This is why our specialized service center called OPTIMA is always ready to offer you service and repair your computers or notebooks. Our core business is laptop and computer repairs, moreover we also sell new laptops and refurbishments, which are guaranteed for 2 years. We will be glad to assist you with choosing a new or refurbished laptop if the repair price is unprofitable. We can also rescue your data from damaged hard disks or other media. Therefore, you will not lose your important data, holiday photos or videos, working documents, or your favorite movies if your laptop is damaged.

The repair process always precedes the diagnosis, during which we find the nature of the problem and decide how to solve it. The final result of the repair depends on how professionally the diagnosis was made. We appreciate your time and we realize that if the notebook you use to work suddenly fails you can not wait for repair for a long time. And because of that the repair which can be done immediately is not stretched for a long time. For example, we are able to repaira damage or breakdown of the LCD while on waits.

Regardless of the cause of the fault, there is only one way

Do entrust your device to specialist. Laptops, computers or tablets should be repaired by a company that specializes in it, has years of experience and the right equipment. We absolutely do not recommend you doing the service yourself without having the right experience and knowledge. Unqualified intervention can lead to irreversible consequences.

Unfortunately, many people often try to find instructions for the repair in order to save money at computer forums where some tips are available. However, such recommendations are often unfortunately given by those who do not understant laptop and electronic service. Therefore, we do not advise you to follow them. Almost everyone has friends who are adept at computers, but it's not always a good idea to entrust your laptop to friends who have very little repair experience, unlike a company that has already repaired thousands of devices. Friends can not guarantee a 100% result and later additional repair costs may increase.

To cut a long story short, repair work should only be entrusted to professionals. After all, you will need special tools to disassemble and install the equipment. Diagnostic software, measuring instruments, microscopes, a special microchip programmer and above all knowledge, will be needed to diagnose the disorder. Companies that provide such services are responsible for making repairs with full responsibility and they also provide a warranty for your repaired equipment.

When choosing our service center, you will make the right choice for repairing your device, virus removing or rescuing your data.